PM MODI – TRUMP MEATING : PM Modi, President Trump’s First Meeting On June 26: White House




of his keen words to India while announcing the withdrawal of America from the Paris Climate Banquet. India, said: provided not to “rely on receiving billions, billions and billions of dollars of foreign aid.”


Rejection of the offer, Foreign Minister Sushma replied. “What President Trump said is not the reality … India signed the weather organizations of Paris, not because of pressure from any country or because of the temptation to sign money because of our commitment to protecting the environment and … India will continue to be a part of it regardless of whether States remain in it or No. ”

Despite the chaos, embarrassment, the State Department confirmed last week that PM Moody would visit Washington later this month.

The government said on Friday that Prime Minister Narendra Moody and US President Donald Trump would hold their first meeting on June 26 in Washington, DC. Moody PM travels in the United States on June 25 on his first visit since Trump’s charge.
“We look forward to (Indian) Prime Minister here in Washington …” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauret said.

Relations between India and the United States flourished under the Obama administration, which saw India as a partner to balance China’s growing weight in Asia. PM Moody has a history of eight encounters with Barack Obama. Prime Minister Sharon visited three times and Obama’s historic trip to India as president of the Republican Day celebrations in 2015.
“The discussions give a new direction to the deep bilateral involvement in matters of common interest and multi-dimensional integration partnerships between India and the United States,” the official said in a statement. The two leaders spoke on the phone at least three times.
But President Trump has focused on building a relationship with China, seeing it as a key to tackling regional problems like North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

For India, concerns at the top of the H1B visa program are Mr. Trump’s review whereby thousands of skilled Indian workers go to the United States.