India beat Pakistan by 124 runs , Yuvraj Singh named Man of the Match

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs , Yuvraj Singh named Man of the Match
India beat Pakistan by 124 runs , Yuvraj Singh named Man of the Match

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs , Yuvraj Singh named Man of the Match

Pakistan : 164/10 (33.4);

Shadab Khan 14(16);

Umesh Yadav* 7.4-1-30-3;Jasprit Bumrah 5-0-23-0

India won by 124 runs (DLS method – Pak innings reduced to 41 overs due to rain)

India beat Pakistan

Babar Azam scored 8 runs not on every one of the fours in a 12 balls. Presently with expanding weight in Pakistan. Asaraphia rates 9. In the interim, Azhar Ali, who has finished his half century was batting with reality, yet they plant, haradika Pandey 6 cakes in his 65 balls, Jadeja ball before a few runs.

Hafeez can live just on the floor

Afterward, Mohammad Hafeez was the main batsman who could play counters. He scored 33 keeps running with the assistance of two fours in 43 balls to Shoaib Malik and Sarfraz Ahmed scored 15-15 runs. Iman Wasim opened without opening.

India beat Pakistan

India today is a decent execution because of rain amidst the match, Pakistan won, yet does not empower the watcher. It’s an exceptionally intriguing battle Sachin wellsprings of income, he came to see the match. He was an amusement to coordinate the batting of Yuvraj

India beat Pakistan by 124 keeps running in the Champions Trophy. India scored 319 in the initial 50 overs. It is a result of the rain under the Duckworth-Lewis changed focus of 289 races to Rule 41 overs. Be that as it may, they chance losing all wickets and scored 164 runs. Umesh-Yadav gotten 3 wickets for India while haradika Pandey and Ravindra Jadeja got two wickets: A sewer vent Bhubaneswar account.

Indian Innings Thriller: fifty four batsmen pacharia

Batting in the first place, India’s Rohit Sharma (91), Shikhar Dhawan (68), Yuvraj Singh (53) and Virat Kohli (81 not out), who scored 319 keeps running in 48 overs with an unbeaten thump help. 324 exchanged to Duckworth-Lewis

Rohit-top impact

Pakistan win hurl, welcomed the Bat. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan Indian non-openers in a race in this eager overwhelming weight from the begin and once again the first. The start was moderate and Rohit Dhawan got the ball and gradually included 136 keeps running for the main wicket, with a score of 5.55, 24.3 overs.

Dhawan scored 68 runs

25TH India’s first wicket in the shape Shikhar Dhawan (68) to the third bundle of Azhar Ali gotten by Dhawan at mid-wicket Shahabad ball Khan objectives. Dhawan 65 balls with six limits best innings and hit a six. After, Dhawan goodbye speed a little break from the pace of India. Rohit and Kohli was aided by a 4.6 normal, including 56 keeps running in just 12.1 overs for the second wicket.

India beat Pakistan by 124 runs , Yuvraj Singh named Man of the Match

Rohit scored 91 runs

Be that as it may, Rohit proceeded with authority of the century, in spite of the fact that it is a pity. World War I on the 37th with a score of 192 keeps running for the fourth ball in the back stall. Rohit hit seven fours and two sixes in his 119 balls innings basic. Presently the accomplished player Yuvraj Singh, who provided to the with some much needed help of Kohli. Yuvraj and Kohli started assembling soon started to run and run. Both included 93 keeps running for a normal of 9, 42, 9.4 overs.

Pakistan propelled

Pakistan batting group, which started accordingly, he is not the same as required. Ahmed and Azhar Ali scored 47 keeps running in shehzad overs for the main wicket 9. This record, we invite Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shahzad scored a group. He has scored 12 keeps running in 22 balls. Prior, Umesh-Yadav beat Pakistan by 61 runs.

Pandya, Yuvraj Singh batting hot

Yuvraj hit five fours and a six in 29 balls. In any case, the following round, he kicked the bucket Hasan Ali. In the last over of the innings haradika Pandya pacharadiam six sixes, India made 300 runs. Pandey struck 20 sixes and six balls and hit six limits and three sixes Kohli stay undefeated in 68 balls. Pakistan, Hasan Ali Khan and sadaba could get just a single wicket.

India vs Pakistan – ICC Champions Trophy 2017

India vs Pakistan : India face Pakistan in their opening contest ELC Champions 2017 Adgbaston June 4, Sunday. Each and one of the meeting between the two, quickly capturing fantasy cricket lovers around the world. In the past, India and Pakistan went to any competition on equal footing, but this time very different things.

India vs Pakistan

Although India is one of my favorite tournament and ranked third  . In the classification of the group International Coordinating Committee Audi, Pakistan ranked eighth Pakistan.

India vs Pakistan

India boast one of the worst blown blown-ups in cricket in the world .  At the moment but English fare conditions will be interesting to see.

Pakistan will be without batting lamp fundamental right .  The talented discount bowling attack can be disastrous to any group, especially in these circumstances.

Shekhar Dhawan situation like the ill-fated well in India. It was yet another title after winning the Indian Champions Cup in 2013, and came into existence in England causes.

Against New Zealand in the first warm-up in India, and record Dhawan 40 59 balls as the Indians attacked the way to win over the Duckworth / Lewis.

Currently, it left winner did not receive the best results in print in 2013, where he received only three games many games.

Riyaz has played five games in the tournament against Audi India, with nine wickets with the best of five games against 46.

In the warm-up of the second against Bangladesh, the left criticized 60 67 balls as India posted 324 for seven 50 Ofra.

In the 2013 edition, Dhawan first prize in the tournament. The opening match and recorded in India, 363 points in 5 games at a rate of 90.75 and a strike of 101.39. Dhawan, two hundred and fifty in his name at the top 114.

Hab Riaz, throw in the first warm-up game against Bangladesh, Pakistan went Akitles. Riad scoring 68 ninety moment, when Bangladesh recorded 341 incidents compared to 50 and nine points.